First started in 1982, we specialize in fresh-churned ice creams and fresh-baked goods. We are unique in that we are a bakery café and ice cream shop all in one, offering full service and sit-down service. We make all of our own baked goods and ice creams. We use our own recipes and offer our customers a great customer service experience.

We are opening our doors to potential owners. We personally meet, interview and consider people who want to own and run their own Homemade Ice Cream & Pie Kitchen. We are only looking for owners who will be hands on and run their own store. Our name, products, service and brand are very important to us. We are looking for people with a great work ethic and very friendly attitude.

We provide the full-service details of owning your own Homemade Ice Cream & Pie Kitchen. Literally, we cover the full experience for you, including:

• Business operation details
• Baking recipes and guides
• Training
• Bookkeeping software
• Payroll
• Staffing software
• Point of sale software
• Product sourcing

Want to be considered or learn more? Contact us today.